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Less than £3 a week for full adult membership, which includes all balls for your play.

Is there a minimum standard?

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Roundhill Tennis Club | 24-26 HOMEWAY ROAD, LEICESTER. LE5 5RG.

Roundhill Tennis Club

The Roundhill Social Calendar 2017

Some of these dates are provisional. Keep your eyes on the club notice board for further information:

February 26th Sunday Lunch Event

March 16th Thursday
Play & Club Supper
April 4th
Ladies Match Practice starts
April 2nd or 9th TBC
Sunday Opening Tournament & refreshments
April 20th
Thursday Club Supper
March 29th
6pm  Mens Match Practice
May 1st
Monday May Day Mixed Tournament
May 18th TBC
Thursday Club Supper  Fish n Chips
July 2nd
Pre-Wimbledon tea & play Charity Event
August 19th Saturday

Mixed Tournament and Soiree

September  10th
Sunday Club Ladies Doubles Tournament
September   3rd
Sunday Club Mens Doubles Tournament
September 17th Sunday Finals Day
September 28th
Thursday Presentation Supper
October 19th
Thursday Club Supper - charity Evening
November 9th Thursday November Event
December 6th Thursday Christmas  Night
January 2018 (end)
Event (TBC)
Mid February 2018 Posh Nosh Dinner

Roundhill Tennis Club - Freeze frame