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Roundhill Tennis Club | 24-26 HOMEWAY ROAD, LEICESTER. LE5 5RG.

Roundhill Tennis Club


The Junior section at Roundhill has for a long time been one of the most important and active parts of the Club. The programme of events has been designed to provide opportunities for children of all standards to develop as players....




The main focus for the juniors is the squad coaching which operates for most of the year. Coaching is led by the experienced Alison Ison

From April to September the squad sessions are held on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. Through the winter months, the sessions are held under floodlights on Monday and also Saturday mornings. The squads usually have around 6 to 8 juniors of similar age and ability.


Teams are entered into Leicestershire leagues at the various age groups for doubles and singles competitions. These will give players valuable experience in playing matches.

Social Play

Juniors are encouraged to come and play on Saturday mornings after coaching when play can be supervised by a coach. They are also able to make their own arrangements to play at other times.


Annual Club Championships are held each season for the various age groups. These take place in August and September.

Friendly social tournaments are held through the year.


Events such as barbeques and a Presentation Supper are arranged through the season.

Club Play

Roundhill has always encouraged Juniors to join in with Senior play as soon as they are ready. In the same way Juniors are included in Senior teams from an early age once they are good enough.


An open Junior Series Ratings Tournament is held each October through the half-term break. and our 'squad' of players participate throughout.


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